Healthy Communities

In the mid 2000s, as a new wave of information connecting unsustainable urban form and negative human health issues, Mark and his team began working with local Health Authorities to better link health outcomes to urban planning decisions and processes.   Since 2011, Mark’s New Monaco project has set a goal of creating the healthiest neighbourhood in Canada and he has continued work on this topic with physicians, professors, students and various health experts.

Mark uses a framework for assessing and responding to health issues in urban development that is similar to the Sustainability Matrix – only with Health Issues on one axis and urban planning and design issues on the other.

The health issues include, across all ages:

The responses to these issues in the patterns of planning and design include:

Provision of health services in various facilities

Design of the neighbourhood to support a healthy and safe lifestyle

Programs that lead to the creation of a culture of healthy living

Monitoring programs to understand and respond to ongoing health outcomes in the neighbourhood

Physical Health Considerations

Social Health Considerations

Mental Health Considerations

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